Parties After Quarantine: Social Distancing - Dessert Bar?

Gathering together after quarantine can be socially awkward. I love you and I miss you but do we hug? Do we shake hands? Or do we wave politely from across the room? Whatever your stance is rest assured your dessert bar won’t cause an awkward situation.

Here are some suggestions for safety precautions you may want to consider if you’re hosting a dessert bar: 

  •  Have a designated server for the dessert bar.
  •  Provide gloves or antibacterial hand gel and masks especially if people are serving themselves from the dessert bar.
  •  If it’s a birthday party have the birthday person fan their candles out or blow the candles out on their individual slice of cake.
  • Allow individual family units to approach the table together in order to maintain a 6 ft distance from the next group.
  • Have fun! Get creative by setting up mini dessert bar stations. This way, instead of having one long table, you can have a few small tables which will spread out the crowd, and encourage social distancing.

Our dessert bar offerings come portioned individually, have separate serving utensils for each item, and can (upon request) be wrapped individually. At The Dessert Ladies, we take special care to provide our clients with not only beautiful dessert bars but also abide by extra sanitary measures in addition to our gold star heath code rating. Together we can respect everyone’s personal boundaries and still celebrate the ones we love.

Socially Distant but Party Safe Favors!

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