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How much time in advance do I need to

order a Dessert Table?

Our Calendar fills up quickly for "Hot Dates" in prime seasons- such as Holidays and Weddings. So the more advanced notice, the better. But typically at least a month to two months ahead of your requested date. This also gives us enough time to create the perfect display with unique props for your event!


We ALWAYS do our best to accommodate all requests, so if we can work our magic to also fit in your event- we will absolutely do so! We just require that all

last minute requests prepare for a rapid response tempo in order to make it all possible. As a result, we ask that you have all the pertinent details ready for us from the start to expedite the process! 

 How Early should I order my Celebration Cake?

It depends on the current holiday season. We do unfortunately reach capacity during Communion, Graduation, Thanksgiving and Christmas fairly quickly. So for a Milestone event- we recommend ordering at least 3 weeks before your event date up to Two Months before.

For General Birthday Cakes we request two weeks notice, and larger celebration cakes (that generally require elaborate toppers) closer to 3 weeks notice in order to allow each of your cake elements to set in time! 

But if you have a last minute request- please never hesitate to reach out. We will always try to do everything possible to accommodate your request. We just require that all correspondences be swift and efficient in order for us to maximize our time in the kitchen making you a beautiful and delicious cake! 


How far do you Travel to set up a Dessert Bar? 

We happily travel as far as we need to for our clients! Our general radius however includes:

North and Central Jersey

New York City

New Hope, PA

and Parts of CT

I have the stands and props I'd like to use- can I order Just Desserts? 


Our "A La Carte" Dessert Bar options are extremely popular during the Holiday Season and Wedding Shower Season. Whether you'd just like an extra special spread for your Office Meeting, a Girls Night- or even a small Bridal or Baby shower. We've got you covered! Out Signature Desserts (such as our Bien Trees, Tasting Platters, Cakes and Shooters) offer a massive WOW factor on their own and really take a great event over the top!

How much does a Dessert Table Cost? 

We carefully customize each Dessert Table for each client because each of your needs are TOTALLY different! As a result- there isn't a standard pricing system. For example- Many of our Corporate Clients will order a Dessert Bar with Full Display- (including large props, backdrops, favor boxes, etc.) for say.. 100 people. But a 100 person Wedding or Bridal Shower might not need as many props, or decorations.


So the quickest way for us to get you a custom quote just for your needs is to tell us a little bit about your event! It's super easy- just visit our Contact Us page and we've got all the required details that we need listed for you! 

I'd like to Order a Dessert Bar- How do I get started?

Just visit our Contact Us page and we've got all the required details that we need listed for you! We typically respond the same day- or by the next day the absolute latest if we're out at an event the day before! 

How Much do you Charge for a Cake?

We get this question all the time! Like our Dessert Bars however- it's very rare any two cakes are ever the same. As a result we don't have a standard pricing list. There are however two key elements that can help us

get you a price quote ASAP!

1. The Sizing- how many guests are you estimating for your event?


2. How detailed is the cake? If you can send us a photo of what you are looking for, or walk us through some of the details you have to have for your theme- we can very quickly generate a price for you.

(For example- a buttercream cake with a classic "Happy Birthday" message will be priced very differently from a Unicorn Cake or a Ruffled Fondant Cake with Sugar Flowers. )

I have a MAX Budget - but I don't think it'll cover my Vision..

what do I do?

We've all been there! So we totally understand. All of our cakes and desserts are made from the best quality ingredients. Plus everything is handcrafted and baked by incredibly skilled bakers and cake decorators. However we have carefully invented a fantastic single serving dessert menu thats a great alternative to a large traditional cake. So we'll do our best to suggest out of the box options to suit your budget as best we can. 


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