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Ellie Tusk- The Elephant Biens Chocolate Centerpiece

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Ellie Tusk is the perfect gift 
For families with a population shift. 
Celebrate the new girl or boy. 
Don’t give yet another toy. 
Give the gift of this chocolate friend. 
They’ll thank you over and over again. 

Make like an elephant and never forget to order Ellie Tusk. Perfect for a gift she'll never forget! 

Ellie Tusk:

  • 50 Milk and white chocolate dipped cake truffles
  • Custom striped in pink
  • Gift wrapped with a coordinating serving platter and ribbon
  • Biens  remain fresh for two weeks without refrigeration or may be frozen for one month

More Info:

  • Can be picked up at our showroom, shipped or delivered locally to the location of your choice
  • Does not need to be refrigerated
  • Built-In Serving Platter
  • Nut Free! 

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